How Well Do You know OASIS??

Here is a link to the revised quiz.  Apparently, my quiz was happy the way it was and did not take to change easily.


Link to Quiz


  1. I had a very hard time with this because your questions make assumptions. In way too many cases you did not give enough information to determine the correct answers. For example, how you score a question based on varied abilities and behaviors depends on the question – ADLS and meds, for example are totally different logic. Also, just because a patient has fallen does not make him unsafe in bathing. If he has the proper equipment, he may be very safe, I don’t know, because I don’t know what bathroom equipment he has and what the circumstances are of his falls.

    Sorry Julianne, not your best effort at all.


    1. So, maybe not my best effort but this was done while I was working on a policy for OASIS for a client.

      It is taken from Chapter 1 of the manual. In chapter 1, they do make a big deal about the time frames. Yes, the logic regarding meds is different but so is the language. I believe the meds question investigates the patients ‘usual’ ability. The day of assessment makes no sense to me but it can make a huge difference if not understood.

      The bathing question, I agree on. I did make the assumption that nothing had happened between his falls and the assessments. If he had assist devices, unless they were new, it really wouldn’t have mattered. I should have fleshed that out a bit more. I had another question about care episodes and that’s a whole blog in itself.

      I will say that the OASIS conventions are not always included in the chapter 3 item instructions. The day of assessment is very clearly defined. Once. At the beginning of the manual.

      Early results do show that many nurses consider assist devices to count as assistance. Again the OASIS conventions are very clear that assistance means humanoid assistance.

      It’s been really busy and the spring weather is discouraging long hours at the office. What if I promise to put forth better quality information next post and maybe you will consider writing a guest post on care episodes vs episode and why I never believe anyone who 100 percent marked on a process measure on transfer?


  2. I also thought the questions left too much to assumptions. It would have also been nice to see which ones I missed. If it is possible to see which ones were wrong, I was not able to figure it out.


  3. I tend to agree with the previous poster. Some questions quite vague with little information to clarify requiring guesswork on the part of the quiz taker. Additionally, between the background color and the color of the font I had much difficulty reading the information provided even though I tried 2 different computers reading glasses and for 1 question even tried a flash light and no my vision is NOT partially impaired. OASIS is far from a foreign language to me but this quiz sure made it feel like it…


    1. I have taken your comments to heart and made some adjustments. I apologize about the format. I didn’t even think and just used the first one that was in line. As far as the content goes, I am posting tonight a follow-up blog clarifying the answers. If you keep in mind that we use a different calendar than CMS, you should do just fine.


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