Work with Us

Do you want to work with the coolest bunch of people outside of Google?  It might be possible.  We don’t offer a ton of money and we have no stock options to pad your salary.  What we do have is an elite group of professionals who love what they do.   You work wherever you can get online and know that there is always support for you with just a click of the mouse or at the end of your telephone.

All of our employees start as ‘coders’.  As time goes by and new clients are added, you may be asked to be project manager and both work and oversee the work done for a particular client or set of clients.  If you are not looking for full-time and just need a way to earn a little extra cash, that might work, too.  If we see real talent in a potential candidate, we will make room for you.  We are that serious about offering nothing less than excellent results to our clients.

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