Employment Connections


Here’s how this works!  If you are looking for a position or if you are an employer looking for the perfect person, complete the form below.  It will be emailed to us automatically for review and if we are okay with the content, we will publish it online.  Listings will stay active for 30 days unless you tell us a position has been filled.

Unless otherwise specified, we will post the qualifications that an employer is seeking or a potential employee has to offer, a website if it is provided and the geographic area.  If  you wish to remain anonymous, do not enter a website in the form.  When somebody responds to a listing, we will forward the email to the person who originally placed the listing.  This means that you must provide an email address even though it will not be published unless you include it in the body of the description.

There is no charge for this service but we do ask that you consider The Coders if you need any assistance with coding.    We can be your part time, full time or substitute coders when you get in a bind.  It’s easier than you think.

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